ValhallaRoom Tips and Tricks: Cathedrals

The 1.0.4 version of ValhallaRoom added a set of Cathedral presets, that were dialed in from published acoustic measurements of various Italian cathedrals. A few hints in dialing in a cathedral sound: Turn DECAY up to correspond to the midrange decay rate. Gothic cathedrals can have decays up to 12 seconds long, while cathedrals from […]

ValhallaRoom Tips and Tricks: Unnatural Hall Reverbs

In one of my previous posts, I described the characteristics of “real-world” concert halls, and how to emulate them with ValhallaRoom. In general, real concert halls have a fairly fast onset of reverberation, a decay time between 1.6 and 2.1 seconds, and a somewhat longer decay time at low frequencies than at mid-frequencies. A realistic […]

ValhallaRoom Tips and Tricks: Realistic Concert Halls

ValhallaRoom was named for its ability to get realistic room sounds. From this perspective, a concert hall is nothing more than a really big room. The physics and reverberant characteristics of concert halls have been studied extensively in the last century, starting with the work of Wallace Sabine (the acoustic consultant for the design of […]

ValhallaRoom Tips and Tricks: Short Drum Rooms

ValhallaRoom can be used to generate a room sound that works well with acoustic drums. Some recommending starting points: Use the Large Room or Large Chamber Reverb Mode. These provide an earlier onset of echo density. Dial in the initial “size” of the room with PREDELAY. A standard trick is to use 15 to 30 […]

ValhallaRoom Tips and Tricks: Gated Reverbs

Generating a gated reverb sound with ValhallaRoom is easy: Set the DEPTH control to 0%, so that only the Early reverb is heard. Set PREDELAY to 0.0 msec, so that the gated sound is generated by the Early energy only (the PREDELAY can be set higher for gated echos). Set Early Diffusion to 100%, for […]

ValhallaShimmer Tips and Tricks: Chorus

ValhallaShimmer was primarily designed as a reverberator. However, it can also get some cool chorus sounds. The Chorus preset is a good place to start. Some general tips: Set Size as low as possible. This will keep the reverberant quality to a minimum Use one of the smaller reverbMode settings. The Chorus preset uses smallStereo, […]

Naming reverb algorithms

I’ve created a lot of reverb algorithms at this point in time. I’ve released several dozen in plugin form, and have written hundreds more. It turns out that it is a little tricky to come up with names for all these algorithms. During the development stage, I tend to name the algorithms after the internal […]