The Reverb Beard

Something that I find rather curious, is that many of the reverb pioneers sported some seriously impressive beards. Christopher Moore has posted a few beard-heavy pictures on his website ( Here’s my favorite:

From left to right, you have Christopher Moore (Ursa Major reverbs, AKG ADR 68K), Anthony Agnello (Eventide, Princeton Digital), Wolfgang Schwarz (or Wolfgang Buchleitner, not sure of the name, but the Quantec guy) and David Grieisinger (designer of the Lexicon reverb algorithms). An amazing amount of reverb knowledge in one place, and rocking beards that rival ZZ Top, assuming that you put the 4 beards together to form one super beard like some sort of beard Voltron.

Another picture tosses in Barry Blesser (EMT-250), sporting a scholarly pipe and an even more scholarly beard:

Nowadays, I use the term “Reverb Beard” (or “Reverbskägg” in Swedish) to refer to people that develop reverberation algorithms, or to describe the state of people in the middle of the design process for reverb algorithms. Feel free to use this meme.

Note: I’ve tried to grow the reverb beard before, but it either comes out red, which makes me look like Kris Kringle in “Santa Claus is Coming To Town,” or greyish-red, which makes me look and feel old. So the “reverb beard” is more of a mental state.

EDIT: Chris Randall and Adam Schabtach, of Audio Damage fame, both pointed out to me that the mighty beards of the reverb pioneers were first mentioned on the Music Thing blog in 2004: